Tag: Poets United

Obscure perils: a #haibun

A safehouse of sorts, although why I need one remains unclear. Nor why I need help I don’t get to play some video game. Then more instructions: “You’ve got to do this…” and “Don’t do that…” It’s like I’m being prepped for some mission. Only the parameters aren’t […]

Balance: a #TankaProse

Stark images. Virulent quotes. Intensities of expression across social media platforms and lunch tables alike. A jaded comment sits on a Facebook post. A sharp retort forms, a reaction in the making. All of the agitation, and yet the problems remain. A clear sky. Heavy humidity from the […]

Crossing the Bridge: a #TankaProse

Dawn and the threshold awaits that crossing all the preparation and still the fear The bridge awaits. The River, so placid today, indifferently reflects the rising arc of the joined stones. I shudder before the threshold. The bystanders at my back stand their ground. This is my journey, […]