A Corridor Evermore: a #writephoto #haibun (for #dVersePoets and #PoetsUnited, too)

Door upon door upon door. An unceasing progression to everywhere, and nowhere. And yet each glimpse off the everlasting corridor reveals a moment…

Flash! I am eight or nine. The maple and elm tower over the dirt trail that leads from the playground in Douglas Park. Dappled light though the canopy illuminates patches of the undergrowth in a golden grow. Robins, Bluejays and finches compete, as squirrels scamper up and down. After the long walk amidst the forested path, the manucured lawns of Sleepy Hollow Cemetary’s upper hill await.

gold meadow

Flash! I’m twelve or thirteen. The troop marches single file along the trail cresting Iona Island’s tallest hill. Glenn, aka “Moses,” raises his staff over his head, as though we may lose him. To our left, the rippling blue waters of the Hudson River flow downstream toward New York harbor. To the right, bald eagles soar in circles high above.

a passing breeze

Flash! I’m in my mid twenties. My future best man sets a blistering pace on a scortching July afternoon. The Pine Meadow trail we’ve both hiked for nearly two decades still challenges us. The green closes in. Pebbles slip under our boot. The ascents and drops meander on. But eventually, our prize appears: Pine Meadow lake.

rippling water

…But ever-on I walk the corridor. Through door upon door upon door…

the last songbird

falls silent

afternoon shadows

for dVerse Poets’ Haibun Monday–Lost and Found: Nature’s Magic (pubtended by Merrill Smith). Come join us while beverages last!

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Walk (posted by Sumana Roy)

and Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Open #writephoto

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  1. Memories are like doorways, aren’t they? Sometimes throwing light onto our thoughts, sometimes throwing shadows, but always informing us, reminding us of the significant moments in our lives.

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