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Peace: a #TankaProse

A still pond. Canopies of maple, oak, white birch and pine reflect without blemish across it. Then the first drop falls. Ripples radiate out. More drops; more ripples, overlapping each other. The perfect reflection becomes a wavering array of verdant images twisted on an ever-trembling membrane. Soon, a […]

A Memorial Mother’s Day

Rainfall. Temperatures plummet below fifty degrees F, from almost seventy yesterday. Every so often, leaves rustle and the wind chimes sound. We recover from hosting thirty of our family for Frankie’s confirmation barbeque. A quiet day resting at home is the Mother’s Day present Mira wants most this […]


I sketch the impressions that even now fade away. A night sky, a street filled with teens partying, cavourting, fighting. They close around me, and I just manage to break away. Another street, with darkened brownstones, and commercial buildings in the distance. I walk with someone I call […]