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Electoral Choices: a #Renga Soliloquy #Quadrille

    Election day … In the blink of an eye we seal our fate   Will it be a wink and nod or a cold, steady gaze?   So many years since Palin’s famous wink … Election day   Is a steady gaze enough?     for […]

Quick Paradigm Shifts

Quickly, quickly, ever so quickly! Speeds up to 60 MPH. An entire jump in 20 seconds. I, still and rooted atop the Ski Jump, have a new, profound respect for them! But I will not follow them, thank you! echoes of miracles Lake Placid for dVerse Poets Pub– […]

The Vintage Box Experience

Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash     They say, “Think outside the box.”   They haven’t had a truly good wine from a box.   Yes, it lacks bourgie bragging rights. But find a better bargain: a volume of good red for a great price.   another glass she wonders […]