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Arid Hope: a #writephoto #TankaProse

An endless drought. The resevoir continues to dry out. Wheat and barley fields, once so full of promise, have whilted for want of water. Like everything else. We watch the medicine woman stirring her pot over a fire. She adds dash of some foul-smelling herb, chants a litany […]

Technical Difficulties: a #writephoto #haibun

I had a lead on today’s assignment grading, until Frank brought me his replacement phone. “It’s not activating,” he said. The cascade soon followed. Verizon’s website offered no workable options. Customer service proved an overlong wait–interrupted when my doctor’s office finally returned my call. A virtual trouble-shooter ran […]

“My Corona…” a #haibun

All around us, the lists: Wash your hands Keep your hands away from your face Cough in your elbow or inside your shirt Wash you hands In such pandemic times, even simple tasks like shopping take on Herculean proportions. Mira managed to grab the last four-pack of toilet […]