“My Corona…” a #haibun

All around us, the lists:

  • Wash your hands
  • Keep your hands away from your face
  • Cough in your elbow or inside your shirt
  • Wash you hands

In such pandemic times, even simple tasks like shopping take on Herculean proportions. Mira managed to grab the last four-pack of toilet paper left on the shelves at the Tallman Shoprite. She kept her eye on her cart, lest some desperate soul snatch that precious commodity from her possession.

And all around us, the lists:

  • soap
  • sanitizer
  • lysol
  • tissues
  • paper towels
  • toilet papers

Every cough in every classroom draws the accusation, “Corona!” from students. One colleague stayed out a week. The rumor mill has her in self-quarantine in record time. Student attendance dimishes steadily as the week progresses. My last two classes–of 11th graders–average 10 students each: out of a roster of 34 per class!

And still, all around us, the lists:

  • Watch for your symptoms: coughing, shortness of breath, fever
  • self-isolate for fourteen days if you’ve had contact with anyone infected.
  • If your symptoms don’t improve in 24-48 hours, seek medical attention
  • wash you hands

Little wonder, then, why a sunset over mountains and lakes fills me with such blessed relief! If only it would last…

They tell us someone

may have COVID-19 …

Friday the thirteenth

for dVerse Poets’ Meet the Bar and Listen to Lists (pubtended by Bjorn). The Pub is still open! Come join us!

and Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt: Lambent #writephoto

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  1. My son is a respiratory therapist, and the hospital is on lockdown with a very strict protocol followed. He says their ICU has come to appear like Mission Control! Major sports venues which would have brought big $$ to coffers have been cancelled, all gatherings of more than 250 people have been asked to be cancelled. Long will we remember 2020! Your prose and list are timely!

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    • Our original Spring Break began on Holy Thursday this year (8th of April). NYC schools, however, are now closed; remote learning for students (via the internet) begins Monday, 23 March.


  2. Our schools are all closed from today, Frank. Fortunately, my sons school has gone on-line and virtual so they will keep going. This infection could last months so I am really grateful for this. I read an article yesterday which says that research indicates that children are vectors for this virus and, therefore, closing schools is recommended. That sounds reasonable to me. Stay well.


  3. Hi, Just to sort of lighten the atmosphere, may I mention the following….
    At the start of WW11 I was seven and sent with two brothers to live with an aunt on a Welsh mountain. Great excitement until we saw the outside loo (having left mod cons at home.) The worst was to come…We had to wipe our bottoms on squares of the local Merthyr Express. Ugh! What our derrieres learnt about who was cheating on who/whom? or the state of warfare, was nobody’s business. And, we gained the added knowledge that if ‘caught short’ when out walking, we could always use a dock leaf! Where would we be without humour! Cheers..

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