Mystery: a Gerry Muse #TankaProse

11/30/2019: Gerry Muse #183 (mystery)

Why do you draw closer? Did the fate of your forebearers mean nothing? I offer you only hardship and ruin. Snow covered trails, rockslides, scrambles and switch-backs: Only the insane attempt such ascents.

Yes, I know you want to gaze out at the summit. Savor the Vista so few see. Smile at the surrounding countryside you’ve risen above.

Very well. Come. Court your death, if you must. What difference does it make to me?

sunlit snow

and the melting remains

of footprints

the mystery of longing

for the impossible dream

#tanka #micropoetry #poetry

for Tanka Poets on Site’s Gerry Muse #183 (mystery)

and Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

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