The End of an Apocalyptic Affair: a #writephoto #AmericanSentence #Haibun #Prosery

How did we go wrong?

She and I had a perfect love. Oh, how we played God with the first Homo Sapiens. Ah, their luscious suffering and inevitable end! She laughed at their wheezing, fevers, and cold sweats. I sighed as I drew away their last breath.

Millenia after millenia, we danced across the Earth. Plagues were her favorite: how easily they spread, how debilitating they were. I, myself, had no preferences. The end is the end, whatever the cause.

Humans, however, soon began thwarting us. Modern medicine stymied her old staples and prolonged lives I once snuffed out in their prime.

We argued frequently, heatedly. Then came the day when she unleashed pandemics that sickened, but rarely killed, their victims. She glared at my protest; I knew we were finished.

I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended.

for dVerse Poets’ Prosery: Surprised or Not (pubtended by Merril Smith)

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Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Crown #writephoto

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  1. Thank you for your unique spin on this, Frank.
    A funny coincidence–I just listened to a podcast that is usually ghost tales, but in this episode, a woman was saying that aliens created us, and now they’re studying us to figure out the best way to get rid of us because we keep adapting.

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