#Tanka Tuesday (December 26, 2017)…O Holy Night: A #tankaprose for Colleen+Kiwinana’s challenges #haiku #poetry #Christmas

(courtesy of two-chums)


Cold, starry night

those shepherds’ reality

pierced by novel light

among the singing stars they

find a manger-laden babe




A veil of all-to-human darkness fallen upon the world. Client-kings cater to the lock-step of Legionnaires bearing the word of Caesar. How could such a new star shine for the newborn of a woman whose own husband denies paternity? Yet by the word of Caesar, does that child born lay among grazing sheep and cattle, visited by field-lying pastors and faraway magi.

Still incomprehensible. Power contradicts power through the presence of the powerless. Humility humiliates the arrogant. The very scorned one is the one who saves.

How could it be any other way?



fleeing with his family

to Egypt’s safety

what magic in an angel’s breath,

to pierce that darkening veil?



starry night that last celestial note sung in the silence



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