#Throwdown Thursday (1/25/18): my lastest #haibun on .@ImageCurve… #haiku #poetry

Such Monotony



Another day.


Students to nudge to work or be silent,
while others teach.

While I remain voiceless…


Another day.


IEPs to write. The implications of the difference to face.
Between where I am,

and where the report indicates I ought to be…


Another day.


Already a late one, capped off with an appointment,
from which I return home by 8:00. For dinner.

followed by a 9:30 bed time…


…so I can begin


Another day.

gurgling coffee
a shudder every time
the clock ticks


photo by Danielle MacInnes


first published in Image Curve, January 25, 2018


for dVerse Poets–OLN 212, hosted by Grace




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  1. I like that your poem was “timed,” tick, tock. Your haibun was awesome! I once had someone tell me (I wrote a haibun in rhyme, not my haiku) that it wasn’t a real haibun because it has to be a paragraph or two with accompanying haiku. At the time I felt bad about it. Your haibun is different that way but I like when people push boundaries I think it brings forth new forms and fresh poetry.

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