Diana’s Admonition: A #haibun for #SuperBlueBloodMoon…#haiku #poetry



Do I scandalize you, mortals?

How even when full, I hide my face, as though blushing in shame for some crime? Why should I not bow as my mother passes before me? Do you not reverence your own mothers?

And do not trouble me about that hunter, again! How many of you would muster patience if a gaping boy bearing a bloodstained spear disturbed your private bath? On his account would you call me fickle and cruel.

Yet you muster ever more hubris, through your ever-mastery of technology that our own Prometheus bequeathed you, than ever you accused me of? Was it not enough that you left your footprints forever upon me? Must you ravage apart our mother to satisfy your endless cravings?

I watch you, mortals, though you see me only when Helios retires. My gentle strides are enough to sweep your tides low and high, whatever Neptune may say. And I will light up your night sky as I please. Or not.

Follow my course, and know peace. Fight for your own path at your peril.

It makes no difference to me.


Super Blueblood moon …

another lunatic





for Poets United–Midweek Morif–Moon




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  1. Recently, we had a tsunami warning and the power of those tides was made clear……..I love your voice in this poem, Frank…….I like the choice of a path to peace or peril. We can see what humanity is choosing these days. Well done.

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    • Thank you, Sherry! When I heard we should write in a different voice, Diana came to mind. The Haibun wrote itself through me, after that! I just cleaned up some of the verbiage where I got in the way! LOL!


  2. I laughed aloud at the power of the haiku! Despite the sobering truth of Diana’s Admonition. Wow!
    No, we don’t treat our mother(s) with enough veneration and gentleness. Maybe the great Diana can show us how.

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