#Freestyle Friday (4/6/18): a little “Tai Chi Practice” courtesy of .@ImageCurve

Tai Chi Practice


haibun poem


“White Crane Spreads its Wings”
Sunlight rippling off the
Ramapo River

Deep breath in.
During commencement, I raise soft, rounded arms. They ascend, roll and descend.
Deep breath out.

As I pivot and “roll the ball.” Empty, fill. Breathe in, breathe out. Brush knee left. Then the rest of the Yang long form.

When I conclude, a tingling flow fills every muscle.

Resting in the horse stance
Trembling underneath
Florescent lights


photograph by Yu-chuan Hsu



first published in Image Curve, June 25, 2015


#GloPoWriMo2018 #NaPoWriMo2018 6/30 –the “Line-break” prompt






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