Rebel Treatment: a #FreestyleFriday #sonnet #haibun


photo by michael baumann, flickr




listening to the frogs



Revolutionary Hudson river

The Dutch named your greatest width Tappan Zee.

Your waters ever a generous giver,

bearing fish and trade goods down to the sea.

How many shots Red Coats and Patriots trade

along your vast and everstretching shore?

How many sons’ blood, sweat, and tears were paid,

before a country rose and said, “no more!”

So brown your waters from our pollution,

So soon those industries depart for good!

Fortune spent, we seek your absolution

on bended knee, so humble, as we should!

But now I cross you every work day

Another obstacle along my way


Milky Way

an empty wine glass

in the sink


Jilly hoped that I would write a sonnet. Challenge accepted! NaPoWriMo.net offers an optional prompt to write a poem that involves rebellion. I coopted the Shakespearean sonnet to forge a poetic haibun about a revolutionary river that I ultimately rebels against–a river whose name lives in my heart, as today’s Real Toads’ prompt calls for!


#GloPoWriMo2018  / #NaPoWriMo2018  20/30

NaPoWriMo 2018



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  1. YAY!!! The Haiku Master goes Shakespeare and does it brilliantly!!! Your closing line – another obstacle – hints that crossing the bridge is something to be dealt with. (Were it me, I would find a job on my side of the river – bridges like that are beautiful to look at from the shore and terrifying from the summit.) I really enjoyed how you book-ended this with frogs and a wine glass. Take a bow!!

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