“In the beginning was the word…”


Logos. The essence of consciousness, the embodied will of creative Love, from which the universe began with a Big Bang. An utterance of voice so tender and loving that potential gave birth to actual. A voice so awesomely heartbreaking, and heard now only in the heart of silence.



and the rain’s rattle …

frog croaks


Who would the Logos call to share the presence? Who would point the finger at the moon, steal the fire that would light the way of humanity, salve the wound festering from ancestors’ egoistic mistakes?

Who else? Call us Bards, for the verses we craft bare true stories. Call us Troubadours, for our songs shatter hearts. Call us Warrior-poets, for through our art we eviscerate the lies that ensnarl all. Call us Pathfinders, for we show the way.

What else would you call teachers?


“Taoing …

the way you can go

isn’t the real way”




for dVerse Poets’ MTB–Bridging the Gap, Amaya pubtending.

She calls on us to begin our poem with a line from one work of literature, and to end it with a line from another. My opening line is from the first verse of the Gospel of John. My closing senryu is the title and opening line to the first chapter of Lao Tze: Tao Te Ching: a book about the Way and the power of the Way, by Ursula K. Le Guin

and Real Toads’ Job Title, imagined by Rommy

She asks us to create a job title and description in the most creative terms possible for the occupations we hold.



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  1. Great work, not only with the bridge prompt but with bridging two prompts in one — all while being faithful to your favored form! All of us, from God to wretch, need a hand to hold to share the presence. I like your “through our art we eviscerate the lies that ensnarl all” as it shows the responsibility of the one who takes God’s outstretched hand.

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  2. Oh Frank! I do believe this is one of your best writes ever! That line “what else would you call teachers?” Just brings the reader right into the heart of it. So beautifully done … the choice of lines, the illustrations, and your “bridging the gap.”
    Apologies for late read – we are in Washington DC for month of May and there is so much to see,

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