Deliverance In The Dark: an .@ImageCurve #haibun


Cotton sheets cling to my skin like a burial shroud.

Memories of Mom arise. Her pain-soaked blue eyes, looking out from a frustration-worn face, pulsing oxygen through nasal tubes insufficient for her to rise from bed.

Speculations emerge. Students laugh away the opportunities I offer. Networks with whom I negotiate ignore my recommendations. A torrent of career-ending opportunities buffet a floundering career.

Finally, a single image ripples across the imagined dark waters of Pine Meadow Lake — a crucifix. Realization accompanies it: “I worship a crucified God.” It is an epiphany, an outstretched hand reaching for me, as storm-tossed waves swallow me for the last time.

in the dark
I sleep



photograph by IV Horton


first published in Image Curve, March 16, 2017


for dVerse Poets’ Haibun Monday — Silent Sounds; Frank Hubeny pubtending




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  1. A beautiful haibun Frank, I love how from the deep waters of a churning subconscious your epiphany leaps out and lets you sleep 🌠

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  2. I love this…and can see it from many angles. Here’s one: I hope the epiphany is a positive one. I see it as this…we have not suffered to the point of crucifixion…so might as well relax and….float.

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