Humble Truths: a #TankaTuesday (on a Wednesday) #TankaProse




fluttering leaves

in a cool afternoon breeze

a neighbor’s drumming

such a happy fantasia

of how things could have been


The truth is a six-mile-plus hike along the Doodletown Bridal Path in Bear Mountain State Park on Memorial Day–the same day as my late father’s birthday. The truth is the slow opening of heart and spirit to the rhythm of robin, sparrow, and finch songs that arise from the enclosing woods. The truth is it’s been seven birthdays without him, and some days are harder than others, even now. The truth is I miss him, as much of a pain in the ass as he often was.


leaf-blower’s drone

the backyard’s natural charm


Still, the woosh of the wind

and sway of leaf-heavy boughs




Kiwinana’s #Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 99 – Natural & Charm

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Truth (posted by Susan)

With Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform (imagined by Rommy)










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  1. Grief insidiously works its way in during the most commonplace of moments. Even if we have been grief’s unwilling host on and off for years, we still can be surprised when it comes around.

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  2. How the replication of top and bottom, changed, deepened the inner truth of the heart. Our senses are true to our emotions, and loss echoes for a long, long time. I got lost in your poem in the best way.

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