Portugal Travel Notes #3 (7/5-7/7)

South to the Algarve–Portugal’s answer to Spain’s Costa Del Sol, Florida and the Jersey Shore. Villa Maura is a posh beach resort complete with palm trees and well-manicured green lawns–in a semi-arid region across the Atlantic from the Sahara’s West Coast. A quick tour on our first day: the beach is a two-block walk. The marina is a happening spot with restaurants, pubs and shops of all sorts.

So we walk five minutes to Columbo, an authentic Portuguese restaurant away from the Marina. There Mira and I share a Cataplana de Peix– a seafood stew for two featuring Algarve seafood.

evening sea breeze

the marina pubs fill

with Brits

the next day, we survive breakfast, then lounge on the beach until two. Eat a poolside lunch. Refresh upstairs. the afternoon, and then drive to nearby Quiteria, where we walk on the promenade. And eat a mariscara dish at a seafood taberna just off the promenade.

changing tides

marina neon

on rippling water

Road trip to Segras. We walk to Portugal’s most southwesterly continental point at the fortress of Seagrass. Experience the open sea breezes and crashing waves. A short trip brings us to Capo Sao Vincent on the next promenatory. Lunch as a Churiscarra off the beaten path. Beach in the afternoon, followed by a final Algarve dinner at Ferrara’s.

Red sky at night

the perfect dark chocolate


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