Portugal Travel Notes #4 (7/8)

Another 3+ hour drive. Evora, heart of the Alentejo, The Brugge of Portugal. We drive through medieval gates and under the Roman Aqueduct in search of our hotel.

searing zenith

modern decor

on cobblestone

Up a hill. One square with a fountain. Across a street to the main Placa, featuring Igreja nosso sehnora de Graca. We have lunch on the square.

Red Sangria

cowering under

a sun umbrella

short of cash on a Sunday. We glimpse the inside of Catederal Evora, view the Roman Ruins, and the surrounding area before we make the decision: drive to a nearby mall and exchange dollars for Euros!

Air conditioning

replacing the adaptor

We lost

returning to Evora, we visit St. Francis Church and convent, with its famous Capelo Osso–Chapel of the bones!

We return to the Placa where we ate lunch. Just in time to join a procession for our Lady of Health!

slow city walk

National guard pall bearers

switch places

we next follow the aqueduct.

Then find a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, where after an hour wait, we enjoy one of our best meals in Portugal. I eat my long-awaited Carne de Porco à Alentejana. At last!lampshade dancersat Placa municipalstarry night


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    • Those holes-in-the wall will do it everytime. My first hole in the wall was in Athens…massive language barrier so she took me into the kitchen and showed me what was what. It was amazing!!! My 2nd was in Jamaica where the restuarant was on the varandah of the home. Again, amazing. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

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