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Ocean City, Maryland Chronicle, Day 2: July 5, 2014: an .@ImageCurve #haibun

early rise

first aroma of

fresh-brewed coffee

early beach arrival

digging deep into loose sand

to plant our umbrella

the rattle of the chain

reminds me to mind the wind

searing sun

roar of an incoming surf

so cold to the touch

step by step, his hand in mine

until my face hits the sand

lunch at “home”

toasting with white zinfandel

my crabcakes, their Chinese

lounging on the sofa

like a pride of lions

white foam

my sunglasses bobbing

out to sea

After the beach, the pool!

Frankie, playing Marco-Polo

I, swimming one length

twenty-minute hot tub soak

then Rippon Seafood at home

a short walk

a perfect view at North Park

of the fireworks

American colors and

that 21-gun salute sound

Mezza Luna

just like at home, we watch

“The Big Bang Theory”

first published in Image Curve, July 19, 2018


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