Portugal Travel Notes #5 (7/9)

Frank and I at a castle in Monsanto

We finish our visit to Evora at the Cathedral. Beautiful sights atop the apex of the city.

cathedral bells

the silence under

vault ceilings

All of us on the roof of Evora Cathedral

Next up, the mountain village winner of the coveted “most Portuguese village in Portugal”: Monsanto.

Steep climbs. Las Vegas heat. Cobblestone streets. A few elderly residents sit on chairs set outside their stores or homes.

We ascend to yet another castle. Nearly reclaimed by nature and virtually abandoned by the tourist authorities.

I salute Basho as I relate directly, at last, to his own castle ruins visit:

summer grasses

All that remain of

soldiers’ dreams

Verbal weeds

the last legacy

of Templar glory

Monsanto, viewed from the castle ruins

We return to the village. A trip to the bell tower, topped with its “Most Portuguese” totem, a steel rooster.

Then we’re off along Mountain roads to Covilhã, a small, modern city, where we check into our next hotel. Exhausted from travel, we eat in the hotel restaurant. Mira and I enjoy the buffet and a 30E bottle of a regional award-winning red.

That will prove the highlight of our stay.

mountain sunset

an air conditioner

blowing warm air


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