Portugal Travel Notes #6 (7/10/18):

Mira and I at the castle in Sortelha


The AC didn’t work. We switched to new rooms around 3:00 in the morning. The hotel didn’t charge us for three rooms, of course.


morning sun

Another yawn

at breakfast


Belmont. A village that boasts an historic Jewish community, with roots preceding the expulsion order of 1492. After a visit to another castle, we learn the history of this community at a Jewish museum. 55 Jews still live in Belmont


midday sun

a synagogue

closed to the public.


Castle Blanco, Belmont


our last visit before we meet Mira’s sister in the northern city of Chaves. This time, it’s to a town that has the most beautiful castle in Portugal, according to our nephew and travel agent, Patrick. We enter a tower and walk along part of the castle walls. Beautiful views. Then, Lunch in a taberna overlooking the surrounding area.

Finally, off to Chaves!


winding roads

reaching her sister’s house

at last


Frank and I at the castle in Sortelha




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  1. Frank, I went to Portugal for a day and spent a week in Spain, (spring break, senior year H.S.) I only wish I had had a cellphone since I only took a few photos and time isn’t kind to their stability. Silly girl I was back then. . .

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