A Helicopter Ride at Rye Playland: A #ThrowdownThursday (8/23/18) #haibun featuring my latest from .@ImageCurve


Flashing red lights. Beeping horns. Bells. I pull the bar; the helicopter car rises. I push the bar; the car drops. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Around, around, around my brother and I fly.

Until the ride ends.

Robert and I race
to the next ride



first published in Image Curve, August 23, 2018


Photo by Ben Konfrst



UPDATE: for dVerse Poets’ OpenLinkNight #226 (pubtended by Grace)


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  1. I love how you share the rides instead of fighting over them. It’s more fun when you do it together.

    Speaking of which, I just watched IT last night, so I can’t help but picture the two brothers from that movie, the younger one dead … the older, either recalling memories, or doing things together with his brother, even though he’s a ghost.


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