Foretaste of Fall: A #TBT #haibun featuring my latest from @ImageCurve (10/4/18)

It’s cool this morning. The maple beside the deck still holds a canopy of lush, verdant leaves. The Pygmy Chinese maple offers no hint of any loss. The lawn is as green—and overgrown—as ever. Nevertheless, it feels more like an Autumn morning.

Like the ones that will return soon.

lone sparrow singing
another sip of coffee
inside the kitchen

Photo by Vectorbeast

First published in Image Curve, October 4, 2018

UPDATE: for dVerse Poets’ OLN #229 (pubtended by Grace)

UDATE #2: for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Morning Poem (posted by Sumana Roy)


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  1. No matter the weather, if you pay attention to it, something will speak words of comfort and strength to you. In this piece, I find strength in the sparrow, a seemingly insignificant creature, but strong in a way that is suited for its small frame. Long live sparrows!

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