Contemplation: A #TBT #TankaProse (11/13/18)

Photo by Brannon Naito on Unsplash


Go within your inner room. Close the door. Quiet; be still. Breathe. Follow your breath while you spiral through the nautilus shell. Breathe.


Find that ever-elusive still point. Breathe.


Now, listen to the utter silence beyond and within every sound: a golden lab’s bark, a passing jet, the labor of your breath in and out. Quiet; be still.


Receive what you asked for. Find what you have sought. Open the door upon which you knocked. It’s that simple.


And difficult.


New moon

a kaleidoscope of stars

lighting the path

Can you construe the signs

leading to a gracious end?





and Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform (imagined by Vivian Zems)



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