Thanksgiving 2013: An Excerpt from Autumnal Trilogy: 3 Haibun – an .@ImageCurve #Haibun

Thanksgiving, 2013

The first crisis: the VCR won’t record the Macy’s Day Parade. All repair attempts fail. Mom and I brace for Robert’s outburst of anger and disappointment.

It never comes.

a sunlit lawn
parade balloons overshadow
Sixth Avenue

Robert helps me bring up tables during commercials. Frankie is supposed to act as a “scout” — let us know when the parade comes back on. But he brings up two chairs and lingers with us instead.

Rob hustles down to the parade just in time.

plastic table clothes
Frankie checking names off
our guest list

Everything is set, so Frankie and I finish watching the parade with Rob. Santa comes as Robert talks on about something. Then he and I begin the Detroit Lion game that follows.

Shortly after Reggie Bush fumbles, the Pansarellas arrive. It’s not even one.

first greetings
Joe settles in our den
to watch the game

The rest of the family arrives soon after. Mira’s brother Joe ascends the deck stairs. Garbage bags go out. Homemade wine lines the deck. Mira’s sisters, Sonia, Mom and Robert congregate in the kitchen. Anna Maria, God bless her, brings a homemade pizza — and asks us to heat it!

the oven door opens
and shuts

Soon, Sonia asks me to get everyone around the tables. It’s turkey time!

streaming sunlight
the clatter of passed around



First published in Image Curve, December 8, 2018




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