Monday Morning Survival Guide (4/1/19): a #haibun

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

It happens to us all. The alarm clock goes off. A robin sings like a rooster at first light. Or way too much daylight breaches the blinds. Sooner or later, we all face the same brutal reality: Monday morning.

Take heart! There is hope for coping with this inescapable first morning of the work week. Follow these steps, and survive it with feeling!

First, get out of bed. Moan and groan if you have to. Shed a tear or ten if you must. But roll the covers back, place your feet on the hardwood or soft carpeted floor and stand. Yes, you may be bleary-eyed and in mourning, but you’re on your way!

Next, breathe. Your monkey mind may start right away or within seconds. You know what I mean: that mad cascade of thoughts that gush unbidden and flood your consciousness. That deadline the boss wanted you to meet. The kid that won’t get out of bed–and will miss his boss. That surprise party to plan that’s happening in a week. The credit card statement, state of traffic, terrible news, or nothing new: Take that breath and let the thoughts wash over you. Breathe. Breathe!

Then, begin your routine. Grab that first cup of java. What’s that? You don’t drink coffee? Um, ok, then grab that green tea. Come again: you don’t drink caffeein?!? (How do you function?) Fine. Drink that first glass of orange juice–or apple, cranberry, lemonade, milk, water, or whatever fluid floats your boat . Then eat whatever passes for breakfast. Afterward, freshen up, dress, do whatever you need to be ready for the rest of Monday.

Finally, engage! Begin the commute. Start the first errand or chore. Get moving. The morning progresses; so should we. Do it through the remaining tears if you have to, but do it!

Four steps, and you’ll flow with your Monday mourning. And you won’t have to face it again for another week!

What do you mean tomorrow? What about it?

rising sun

the assignment remains


for NaPoWriMo2019 / GloPoWriMo2019 1/30

and WD April PAD 1/30

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