Four Days After Smuggs: my latest .@ImageCurve #haibun

type writer remington

Monday. The Orthodontist’s examination room exhibits college banners. Including Binghamton University—SUNY Binghamton—my Alma Mater.

mirror to his mouth a view of his overbite

Tuesday. The images from Guardians of the Galaxy float off a three-story screen. They’re so close that we can touch them. Even the flying ships and fighting aliens.

IMAX premier the darkened theater before showtime

Wednesday. A group of women play scrabble on the 4-top in the first “room” of Panera Bread. A handful of others mingle in the back. None of them are here for the “Shut Up and Write—Bergen County.” I found out after that the group has no host—and no writers.

unpacking my bag the closed laptop remains so

Thursday. Lynn and I talk almost an hour. I find out that she meditates, writes haiku. She’s excited about my writing. When I hang up, I savor the warmth inside.

our shared symbol a file of haiku remembered.

Photo by Shelby Miller

first published in Image Curve, September 19, 2019

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