A November with Basho, Day 13

The Mogami flows from the Michinoku at the far norther edge of Yamagata country. It is dangerous through Go Stone Rapids and Falcon Rapids, circumscribing northern Moutn Itajiki to meet the sea at Sakata. Mountains rose from either side of the boat as we sped between the trees. The boat was only a tiny rice-boat not meant for all we carried. We passed Shiraito Falls where it tubles under pines…

All the summer rains

violently gather–

Mogami River

Basho, “Narrow Road to the Interior,” translated by Sam Hamill, the Essential Basho, p. 22-23

Water Ways

The placid current of the Delaware. Floating on rafts, where the greatest challenge is retrieving a cold beer from the cooler of one of the rafts.

The deadly rapids of the Animus. Peddling at the command of a guide, as rapid after rapid batters our raft. Where I experienced the closest brush with death I’ve ever experienced.

Still the running water sings to me. One day, I will answer its melody with my own harmony.

white foam

the lure

of river runs

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