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A November with Basho, Day 16

The spot where Bashō wrote a famous poem
This place is the very spot where Bashō wrote one of his famous poems.
Hagurosan, Dewasanzan, Japan
image by FreakRob

After leaving Haguro, we came to the castle town of Tsuru-ga-oka…and were greated by the samurai Nagayama Shigeyuki. We composed a round of haiku, bid farewell, and started by boat down the Mogami, bound for Sakata Harbor…

From Hot Sea Mountain

southward to Windy Beach

the evening cools

Basho, “The Narrow Road to the Interior,” translated by Sam Hamill, the Essential Basho, p. 25


Sometimes Saturday night is for performing poetry. And sometimes its for Crabcakes at home, grading papers, and watching a Great Performance of the Play Red.

Deepening night

the impatience of a bride

calling me to bed

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