’14 Summer Swansong (part 2): my latest @ImageCurve #haibun


August 25th

The car rattles up the first hill, reaches the top, then ever so slowly passes over it. Wheels thunder on iron rails, while screams arise from passengers, as it rushes down.

Mira shakes as she reaches a beach adjoining the coaster. Throughout the rest of our visit to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, she won’t ride a single attraction until the end.

Frankie, Kathleen, Lilly and I brave personal and tube slides at the water park. Tubes enclosed—and dark—that open to stomach churning drops to exit pools.

But we all board the last ride—including Mira. A circular raft gently descends from the water park’s highest point. It then sways and rides like the rapids for which the ride is named. A ride so like the individual tube slide at Mountainside pool at Smugglers Notch.

A ride gentle enough for Mira to enjoy, at last.

Swooshing water the gentlest ultimate splash

August 26th

Three electricians visit and say the same thing: our outdated electric panel can be upgraded for up to $2000. Only one replaces the circuit breaker that fixes our central air—just in time for a midweek heatwave.

Exhaust fan’s whirl the feel of cool air on my cheeks

Photo by Pedro Velasco

first published in Image Curve, November 21, 2019

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