O Wine! (a #NaPoWriMo2020 / #GloPoWriMo2020 solo- #renga #ode)

Photo by Bernyce Hollingworth on Pexels.com

In hoc genimine vitis es óperis mánuum hóminum

O, fruit of the vine

vitis Vinifera

Cuius culmen in

How ebullient, you grapes

boistrous in the summer sun

What a fools errand

believing you a native

of other soils

How you grew on the mountains

saddling two continents

How you spread over seas

in Greek and Phoenician holds

Oh, your pressed flavor

to drive hunter-gathers

to tilling the earth

from running down big game

to simple mountain herding

How a vine-grown fruit

emerges from the plethora

of earth’s flora

to seduce all peoples

to luxuriate in taste

Of all the cosmos

fermented juice of pressed grapes

changed humanity

to raise civilization …

to end the life of the Earth

The party’s over. Get out

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  1. I liked this tale of red wine……….the ending, with humanity ending life on earth, was a surprise, but I tend to agree. Think I will have a glass of wine now to contemplate this dilemma. Smiles.

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