A Dragon-Riding Day (9/18/14): an .@ImageCurve #haibun

bumper to bumper traffic on a city street

I leave late. The traffic begins at the Garden State Parkway connector. The New York State Thruway, covered in fiberglass and steel, stretches into the blinding brilliance of sunrise. I arrive at work after 8, when I needed to get there well before.

the long gap in front
of the car before me

I turn my card. Maria stands at the long counter. Sandra is out. Five piles of hand-outs lie spread out before me. Maria needs me to select which ones to give out. By the time I finish, I have little time left to prep for my own first class.

morning class
ten handouts for
three who’ve shown

Third Period. I’m alone. Incessant talking, little progress. Fifth period: none. Bryan tells me to “shut the fuck up.” I have him escorted out.

so much noise
the stiffness
of my jaw

Periods in-between photocopying materials. Lunch spent making phone calls. Three-in-a-row after. Upon my return home, I encounter bumper-to-bumper traffic four miles from my exit.

last twilight
turning leaves
come into view

first published in Image Curve, April 29, 2020

for P&WU’s Writers’ Pantry #18: Indulgences (posted by Rommy)

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  1. A testament for working from home! I think some who have been forced to work at home will never want to return to the rat race! I think these times are especially difficult for teachers.

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  2. You paint such a vivid image of day to day work hours while coping with current Pandemic situation around the world. I felt like I was there 🙂

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  3. Some days just don’t go the way we wish they would. You’ve written tersely—and convincingly—about one of them.

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