Curb Appeal

“We could use some mulch.”

Mira made the comment during one of our walks in the neighborhood. We had become dissatisfied with the landscaping that flanked the entrance to our driveway. As we passed house after house with fresh mulch, she determined that mulch was our future.

Our Saturday mornings soon filled with trips to Home Depot. Since I am useless in such ventures, she installed the freshly purchased black mulch herself. The flower beds along the front of the house received the first treatment. Then came the pesky eyesore along the driveway.

She began with the bags that we had left from the front flower beds. They covered about half of the landscaping plot. More trips to Home Depot, more bags, more spreading. Then came my next contribution to the project: digging the lawnward-side trench.

A morning of pick-axing/spade-shoveling dirt and mulch laying later, the eyesore became curbside appeal. A now picturesque landscape, featuring enormous rocks, three towering trees, and two varieties of lillies, graces the driveway entrance.

I dug two more trenches earlier today. One surrounds a young tree we planted some years ago. The other circles another boulder, and more lillies–ones, Mira hopes, the deer won’t bother. Now that she’s applied the last of the mulch.

Save for one bag. For patching up, of course.

summer shower

in and out of clouds


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