Cape Cod 2020 Travel Notes, 6/6/20

waning gibbous over
Provincetown Harbor

We rose at seven. Frank’s iPhone still doesn’t work. Mine needed a full reset. But we manage to Las the car and leave by 8:45.

On the road

across three states

our journey

The near five-hour trip to North Truro in Cape Cod happens without complications. After a call to our property manager, we gain access to #20 Pagodas. A studio, with a privacy curtain, futon couch, kitchen, and breakfast counter: it’s far cozier than the Sedona Casita we stayed in last year.

home comforts

A short walk to

the beach

Sunbathing. A walk with our feet in the calm low tide of Cape Cod Bay. Mira, picking stones, and our shared talk of childhood uniqueness and loneliness. A five-minute drive to Provincetown. The galleries and shops, and the chilling wind off the harbor. A delicious dinner at the Lobster Pot. Our after-dinner walk across the east and west ends of P-town. A first day well spent.

Waning Buck moon

Content with a full belly

and sore legs

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