Cape Cod Travel Notes (7/7/20)

A simple breakfast: croissant, with homemade Columbian coffee–courtesy of the in-studio Mr. Coffee and our own supply from home. An early departure for beach-hopping.

simple pleasures

moring views

of the bay

Head of the Meadows beach, where we sit, then explore a sandbar–before incoming tides submerge it.

driving winds

the curiosity of

a chill at the beach

Herring Cove beach, where are National Parks card grants us complementary access–and saves us $25. We walk the length of the beach toward the Racepoint lighthouse. While we don’t reach it, Mira gathers yet more stones.

more inlets

the wide-open mouth

of the cove

Racepoint beach, where Mira gathers yet more stones, and we walk along the northernmost part of the Cape.

Ocean surf

the foam on the surf

near lunchtime

A failed wine pickup at the Salty Marsh leads to a quick purchase at nearby Turo Vineyard. Our leftovers from the Lobster Part have the perfect complement, a lighthouse-shaped bottle filled with a white-zinfindel-tasting Cape Cod Blush.

“our” beach

afternoon wind

and surf

A mediocre dinner at Captain’s Choice, where I order Fish and Chips, at last. Another walk up and down Commercial Street in Provincetown. Dark Chocolate bars and fudge for me, ice cream for them, the spectacle of Shop Therapy.

Pilgrim Memorial

Frank reads each plaque

by iPhone light

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