Upstate New York Travel Notes: Day 2 (7/25/20) — Letchworth State Park

Portage Lower Falls, Letchworth State Park, New York

A long walk along trail 1. Up and down slopes and stairs. Across a footbridge, to ascend more stairs again. Frank and I leave Mira at a bench, ascend trail 6 alone. Overlook Lower falls, the river upstream from it, before our return. We reunite with Mira, recross the footpath bridge, see the lower falls up close. Satisfied, tired, and hungry, we return to our room for a well-earned lunch.

aching feet

the second taste of

bacon-wrapped shrimp

Resting. Planning. A visit to the museum. The facts and relics of William Letchworth’s life. The history and artifacts of Indigenous Americans of the Finger Lakes/West NY. A trip to the Visitor Center for more brochures. A return to Mount Morris for a casual dinner at the Charred Grill. I indulge in a spin-off of Rochester’s garbage pile, the Charred plate. My mouth is on fire from a severely spicy meat sauce. Upon our return to the park, more overlook views of the river and gorge. And a walk down to Middle Falls on our last evening in Letchworth State Park.

crescent moon

the comforting roar

of running water

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