Brooms Out Back: an .@ImageCurve #Haibun

broom against a gray wall haibun

The broom rests against the vinyl siding adjacent to the storm door. Its yellow bristles scatter out like unkempt hair from one side. A black foam guard overlays a gray plastic staff. Mira steps outside, chattering with her sister overseas. She sweeps curled, yellowing maple leaves on-handed as she converses about God-knows-what in Portuguese. Even though the sun hasn’t set, crickets sing as a passing train and highway traffic drone on. She finishes sweeping, then heads inside.

Our friend M. once left her broom next to her back door. Her army-wife neighbors told her that is what military spouses do when their “backdoor man” is in!

I’m confident I don’t have that problem.

early twilight
rustling steps on
fallen leaves

Photo by Saskia Wustefeld

first published in Image Curve, September 3, 2020

for Poets and Storytellers United’s Writers’ Pantry #36: Change of Season (posted by Rosemary)

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  1. I never heard of the broom/backdoor man story. But I do remember talks about certain spouses having codes–lights, open or closed doors. I still don’t understand why a cheater would have a sign up to announce their partner in crime was in–then again, cheaters aren’t known for their sense.


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