Solstitial Circadian Rythms: a #haibun

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

The sun set at 4:31. Our drive home from the urgent care center held none of the cares such a ride would suggest. My son needed a required COVID test to satisfy the State’s requirement for his safe participation in school. Whenever it reopens after the holiday.

Now, the deep of the longest night settles in. The neighbor’s lights defy the dark, as the Yuletide fires of old once did. Somehow, when we want to, we all find a way to hope. Therefore, if we sit still long enough, we will hear that gentlest whisper. When we do, if we are wise, we will bow before it.

Even a single tongue of flame compels the deepest dark to yield. Just imagine what the light has to say.

sudden chill

the sound suppressor

drones on

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  1. Our grands had to go through that too. As one of the relatives that they were staying with had been exposed and had gotten Covid. Now I know of two close folks who have gotten it various degrees, this disease. I also know of a nurse who had a very bad case but recovered. Let us hope that the vaccine gets to all essential workers and that includes teachers (if teachers aren’t on that list they should be!).

    We have several fun pairs of odd little paper glasses that when you put them on make all the lights you see turn into different stars or other shapes. One has to take all the lights offered from Kwanzaa Kinara,
    Chanukah Menorahs, and Christmas decorations and every other light of love and add to the hope of health and healing.

    Some of our schools have been 100% on line, other schools have hybrid situations. Our state seems to bounce back and forth on restrictions. And now unless one has been tested and cleared they aren’t even supposed to enter.

    May you and yours continue to stay healthy and safe. And let us enjoy the lengthening of days. ~Jules


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