“Failure to Communicate” a #tankaprose (4/3/21) Day 3 #nationalpoetrymonth

Photo by Alexander Suhorucov on Pexels.com

What are you trying to tell me, you aches and pains? What message is so important? Your throbbing and sandpaper-grating sensations on my joints stiffen me to immobility. Your grating of my nerves has my undivided attention.

Say what you need to say.

Because the road beckons. The trail whispers on a spring breeze. Sunlight unencumbered by any cloud radiates all around. I plan to embrace it.

So get on with it. Then leave me in peace!

an injured squirrel

snatched from the backyard by

a white-tailed hawk

the silence that follows

holds no answers

#tankaprose #tanka #haibun #poetry #napowrimo2021 #glopowrimo2021

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