Inaugural Easter Awe: a #haibun (4/4/21)— Day 4 of #NationalPoetryMonth

Image shared by Liminal Spaces

Do you dare make sense of it?

The trembled voices of terrified women cry out the impossible. Everybody knows dead is dead; no one returns. It is a fact as immutable as the blue sky above and the ground below!

But what do you make of an empty tomb? A stone rolled into place by four grunting, sweating legionnaires laid aside like a child’s toy? A head wrapping rolled up and tossed to one corner? A burial shroud crumpled up and cast aside to another?

Words echo: “ahead of you in Galilee…” Hearts burn: a stranger teaches the scripture. Testimonies—”Simon has seen him…”

Terrifying! Suddenly, the sky above is a fiery red, a cherryburst sunrise of a day like no others. The ground below is a field of gold, a transformed earth.

Nothing will never be the same. How can it?

Ressurection changes everything.

locked doors

suddenly he is among us

offering his peace

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