Gemini: a #haibun (4/6/21): Day 6 of #Nationalpoetrymonth

Somewhere, a freezing preteen in an Iroquois loincloth chants, “I have faith in God. He will keep me warm.” He holds a torch above his head, standing with a legion like himself–shivering on a cold night. A bonfire down a grassy slope ignites. The legion marches foward.

While the light of an apathetic moon shimmers across the rippling Hudson river.

bloody snow

an aged bull caribou

faces the pack

Somewhere, a heat-exhausted man in hiking gear holds out his arm. He feels the flow of chi extend toward his equally dehydrated wife. The ascending path along the ridge continues without a modicum of shade.

While the light of an indifferent sun bathes the famed red rocks of Sedona.

bloody dirt

a coyote carries

a jackrabbit

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