On Any Given Day

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.com

Somewhere, a white butterfly floats above greenery in garden beds. A neighbor’s dog barks at whatever triggered it. Afternoon birds continue their tweets and chirps, hidden among a canopy of maple leaves

Somewhere, boughs sway and leves rustle. A chartered jet flies overhead. Sunlight brightens on the backyard’s mix of freshly mowed grass and crabgrass.

Somewhere, almost a thousand unmarked graves are discovered on the grounds of two closed residential schools for indigenous children. Catholic religious orders ran both for the Canadian government, whose late-19th century policy of westernization for indigenous people is summed up in the adage “kill the indian to save the child.” Far too many Catholics on twitter say nothing about this while decrying “graffiti” related to these horrific discoveries on the door of a Catholic Church.

Somewhere, a summer wind sets windchimes ringing.

tear-stained ground

how ordinary

these days

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  1. A very poignant haibun Frank. Many of us were weeping when we read the news and my heart goes out to the spirits of all these children and what they went through.

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  2. My sorrow expresses itself in rage right now and I’d like to see some people strung up. It shouldn’t be that difficult to backtrack to who was stamping approval on the policies. Honestly we cannot let these crimes against humanity in their many forms continue. This type of atrocity rivals nazi death camps and many of the war criminals responsible there paid with their lives.

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