Bird song sonata

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Before sunrise. Before even the break of day. The first robin begins the overture. Others soon carry the melody. Soon, the sound of their choral arrangement shakes away the last hope of sleeping in.

Before sunset. Before even the hint of twilight. The last robin refrains the coda. The harmonies have ended. Only the last repeating notes of the melody remain.

They’ll continue this conspiracy throughout the spring. They will not stop until they delight every listener, to the point that all drop to their knees and wet their sleeves in gratitude.

blossom haze

a blue jay arcs across

a clear sky

I’m hosting #HaibunMonday, where we wax haibonic about bird songs! The Pub is open! Come Join us!

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  1. Your previous haibun was brilliant, with that last sentence, and in fact I was copying that technique somewhat with mine. In your wonderful haibun I spotted how you crafted that captivating rhythm it has (‘before’ etc). The haiku fitted just right, the prose traversing the day and the haiku the sky. Really like haibun very much practiced to such an art.


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