Pestilent Encounters: A Traditional-Mongol-Meter #haibun

Photo by Julian Paolo Dayag on Pexels.com

A sudden turn in the weather, and noses begin to run…

rushing toward the nearest tissue

roaming the halls full of snot

remember a sneeze is no issue

recall a time without rot

While not an apocalyptic sign, new Covid cases arise…

Still we press on

Stunted in our recovery

Stalling for time, again and again

Stolen moments never regained

And yet, another week ends…

celebrate the small moments, when

civilization recalls its humane roots

certain it will revitalize again

citing long forgotten fruits

katydid calls

another Autumnal chill

in the air

for dVerse Poets’ Poetry Form: Traditional Mongolian Meter (pubtended by Grace)

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