A Regent Experience

The path from my flat on Wigmore Place to Regents College passes through Regents Park. Green lawns, well-manucured lawns, gurgling fountains, even a small wooded glen: there is usually so little time to enjoy it all.

Until one day, after classes, I make time. A diverging walk from my well-trodden way to and from the flat brings me to a large pond. Mallards and a swan or two slowly swim on the sun-rippled waters. Some children cast pieces of bread to draw them toward shore. Others meander by as though oblivious to the pond and its denizens.

I sit at a bench and let my gaze wander all around.

Spring afternoon

the sporadic tweeting

of songbirds

in these simple moments


for 18th March 2023 Prompt: Gerry Muse #348

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