Rollar-coastering Climate: a #writephoto #haibun

The latest “Storm of the century” dropped a mere inch of snow. Frozen rain fell after, adding an icy crust to snow that it didn’t dissolve. The next day, frigid temperatures that rose no higher than ten degrees Farenheit transformed that snow into icy plains.

cold sparrows

the biting wind around

the funeral home

Two days later, the temperature reached fifty degrees. The northface winter coat remained in the closet; the suade jacket came to work. The antiquated heating system in the Columbus Campus continued without mercy. I almost broke a sweat while proctoring. When I returned home, the snow had melted away, save for a stubborn perimeter on the front yard.

winter rain

appearing in the dark

the first stars

Today, temperatures return to just above freezing. Wet pavement becomes black-ice slick. We all see the breath of every sigh. Some of us begin coughing louder than others. The bi-polar climate bucks us like a bronco tossing a neophyte rider. How long can we hold on?


a great horned owl

on the hunt

for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Snowfall #writephoto

Poets’ United Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Climate Change (posted by Susan)

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  1. While you are freezing over there we are baking in record high temperatures here in Australia. How strange these times are.
    I love your final haiku. It sends a chill down my spine that matches the power of your description of the snow storm.

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  2. I think the one thing that irks human beings is that they can’t control (or interfere) with the weather like than can almost everything else. They are only human after all. However they are blind to their effect upon the climate which by their actions only make it even more unpredictable.

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