Rebirth: a #writephoto #haibun

Sunrise. The clouds layered across the sky like scales remind me of the saying “red sky in morning, sailor take warning.” But I fear no rain.

It’s a new day.

The bare leaves broadcast the season of snow to come. Winter will have its due. But I fear no snow.

It’s a new day.

I may struggle to rise out of bed. Rheumatoid arthritis may pitbull-grip my aching joints. The dull dread of another maelstrom to face at work may overshadow me. No matter.

It’s a new day.

Every day I wake, I can say it again.

It’s a new day.

evening clouds

the first stars

still appear

for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Starting Over (posted by Susan)

Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Renewal #writephoto


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