The Patience of Water: a #writephoto #haibun

Watch the ripples. Then wait for the water to still. See the clear reflection of the white birch growing over from the far shore. See the green of the surrounding canopy in that liquid mirror. Let that stillness become your own.

The neighbor walked his golden retriever along the edge of the front yard. The dog relieved himself, and that neighbor moved on without removing the excrement. A breach of law and good manners, to be sure, but also a free fertilizing of soil in which daffodils grow.

All it takes to perceive is a still mind.

swimming catfish

stirring on the water

fresh ripples

for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: TranquilΒ #writephoto

and Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Neighbors (posted by Sumana)

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  1. I like the fact that you tied the idea of a still mind as being able to overlook and actually see the positive of a dog relieving himself on such beauty as well as the human’s inconsiderate disregard. I like your photo, the peaceful setting.

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  2. Dogs, water, trees and me illustrate what so much of my life was like as a younster and young adult. Luckily my wife was also inclined that way as well which was a good basis for a happy marriage, especially with the kids thrown in too.

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