#ThrowdownThursday 11/30/17…my latest on .@ImageCurve: Scattered So Early #Haibun #haiku #poetry

Scattered So Early


A body in full rebellion

Stomach cramps



A mind in disarray

Swirling thoughts


Mania rising, falling

Winds in full swirl

Chime singing,

Newly budding maples



A clock that ticks mercilessly on


morning sky

indifference to suffering

or relief


First published in Image Curve, November 30, 2017


photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash


for dVerse OLN #209

update: for Poets United–Midweek Motif 1/10/18–the body



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  1. Isn’t it cruel? How dare the sun rise again? This was a theme I explored in the summer when a family friend lost his whole family -three kids and a pregnant wife – in a terrible car accident on their way to vacation bible school. I love how you moved around the page as if desperate to find an inkling of solace. Maybe this is taboo but I sympathize with those who don’t ever find the strength to keep struggling not to drown.

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  2. In one moment’s pause there are maples and chimes–and life is like that, even full body panic allows awareness of life! Let the dawn be indifferent, that body wants to be alive! Your poem gives me a sense of the merciless, but I hope it was just one parachute jump and not the entire ball game.

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