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Spring Suite, Finis: Apple Trees


The apple tree in our backyard has grown back. Dad and I trimmed it way back before he died. It’s full again, leaves covering its crowning branches in a mane of green.

Frankie’s step remains at the base of the trunk: a two-by-four we nailed just below the trunk split. The one he uses to climb while on base during our games of tag.

Like my own stomp step that I used to climb my own apple tree so many years ago.

small blossoms
a robin ascends
to her nest


first published in Image Curve, April 21, 2016

photograph by Lizzie Guilbert


for Real Toads’ Wordy Thursday with Wild Woman ~ The Tree Sisters, imagined by Sherry Blue Sky






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  1. Apple trees and boyhood go together. I love the connotations and the remembering – your father trimming the tree, your son, climbing the tree, and your own boyhood memories of your own apple tree. The Tree of Remembering. Lovely, Frank. See you Monday at Poets United. Your feature is posting at 12:30 p.m. Central US time. Hope you like it.

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  2. This is very poignant to me. At my oak tree I placed a couple of cement blocks rather than wounding the tree. It was quite a chore to lug them there! But it was the action of an adult rather than as the action of a parent for a child. I’m lugging another in the spring for “Toni’s Step”” .

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  3. Mine was a cherry tree. It was given to my folks but they didn’t have time to care for it. They planted if “for me.” I watered it and occaisonly minded a few other needs, pest bugs and worms, and the likes. Mom baked pies and other desserts and canned some, but I was the picker guy.

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